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BK Electronic’s Medical business

BK Electronics is challenging new business areas by combining high-tech electronics and biotechnology.

We are working on developing in vitro diagnostic medical devices that can be used to diagnose
in the aging society and new infectious diseases.

Also, we put our efforts on the supply of various types of medical devices and supplies to lead a safe life from diseases.

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In vitro diagnostic medical devices


Diagnostic Research and Development

The importance of health care and disease diagnosis with the advent of new infectious diseases as the average age increases

This is a test using samples such as tissue, blood, and urine collected from the body for the purpose of diagnosing preventing, and assessing condition of the disease.

Blood diagnosis, clinical microorganisms. hemostatic diagnosis, immunochemistry, self blood sugar measurement, and tissue diagnosis are included in the area of in vitro diagnosis.

IVD - in-vitro diagnostic medical device

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By measuring the results of the rapid diagnosis kit more accurately using lateral flow  immunochromatography based on the reaction between antigen and antibody, higher sensitivity and specificity can be obtained.

RADIA-G, developed by BK Electronics, provides a complete analytical system that can quickly and accurately determine the results of the test kit for accurate diagnosis of the disease.


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RADIA-G feature

RADIA-G feature  
Possible to read multiple test lines
Customizable for user interface
Customizable read parameters and results
Fix slot mechanism for different types of Rapid test kit
User-defined detection time set by timer
Possible to control the user work flow following
customers’ requests

BBK’s Electronics is developing a measuring instrument that can detect and measure the slightest amount of electrical changes occurring on electrodes.

By using this technology, we are developing products that can measure Glucose and Ketone in urine.
This can greatly help the health care of people with chronic diseases in an aging society.

IVD - in-vitro diagnostic medical device

Supply products related to medical

Supply of medical-related devices and products to prevent infections and outbreaks of diseases caused by viruses.

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