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Industrial Electronics Research Center

BK Electronics has established and operates a corporate research center. A total of 15 researchers in 3 departments provide services in all areas, from circuit board engineering and design development to hardware and software development.

— energy sector

Nuclear Energy R&D

We develop various devices required for nuclear power plant MMIS and supply them to Shin-Kori Units 3 and 4, Shin-Kori Units 5 and 6, and Shin-Hanul Units 1 and 2 ESF-CCS, QIAS-P, and RCOPS systems.

  • R&D Procedure
  • Purchase Procedure
  • QC Procedure
  • Manufacturing Procedure

  • Local production of HFC Controller [2005] – Control board and panel production
  • DOOPEX turbine demonstration equipment [2006] – I/O board, BOP/communication panel production

— medical sector

In Vitro Diagnostic R&D

We are working on development of in vitro diagnostic devices that can be used for diagnosis of new infectious diseases that are emerging in an aging society. Additionally we focusing on developing various medical devices to lead safe and healthy life.

In vitro diagnosis is a technology for quickly diagnosing diseases outside the body using substances derived from the human body, such as blood, urine, body fluids, and saliva. It plays an important role in clinical decision-making and is becoming an essential and specialized element in patient treatment.
In vitro diagnostic medical devices are used for the purposes of diagnosing these diseases, determining prognosis, assessing health status, and preventing them. Common in vitro diagnostic devices include blood glucose meters and pregnancy tests.

Since periodic blood collection is a major inconvenience to users, we research and develop device that measures various parameters such as glucose and ketones using urine, to prevent individual diseases from becoming chronic and checking health status.