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Business introduction



Preventing PCB production error

· Creating a reliability research team
· Analysis & correction of defects in manufacturing & design
· Applying analyzed information when changing design

Pursuing customer convenience

· Design > Purchasing > Fabrication > Production
· Delivering all requests from the person in charge to each team
· Rapid modification of PCB

Establishing a systematic data backup system

· Preventing data loss with ERP data backup


Design certificate & setting standards

· PCB instructions
· CAD instructions
· EMI instructions (Including IPC, UL, CE standards)


· Pads
· Altium
· Mentor

Major design history

Solar inverter design (UL, CE certification) ㆍ Nuclear safety system design (KEPIC certification) ㆍ Integrated monitoring and control system for thermal power generation ㆍ Medical device design (EMI certification) ㆍ Remote control system (0.4 BGA design) ㆍ Black box design ㆍ Industrial robot control board design ㆍ DFE, DFM verification system design ㆍ Motor (servomotor) ㆍ Relay station